A Weekend In Aspen.

Day 1: 04/02/16 , Saturday
Hello everyone! 🙂   *waves*  If you have been following me on my Twitter (@xokittykatrina) or my Instagram (@kittykatrina) you know that Daniel and I went to Aspen for a weekend beginning of April, it was our 1st time!!! *giggles* We were super stoked! I didn’t get to take as much pictures or videos as I planned to since I was too busy enjoying it and keep forgetting about my camera in my bag. Lol but here are some pictures I’ve taken during our stay.

It was a pretty fast travel or at least it felt like it since we were up at 4am for our 6:30am flight. We all KO’ed throughout the whole thing. lol. Since our day is already filled with activities, we had to get more sleep. I was super excited when i saw the mountains covered in snow during landing. The Aspen airport was pretty small.. i mean the whole town is small. i was thrilled to know that everything was walking distance.. well almost everything is. First stop was to get our snowboarding pants and jackets and everything else from SAGA Outerwear. Then Snow Mobiling!! YAY!!!! =D


We went to T-Lazy-7 for our Snowmobile tour with lunch!!!! woooohoooooo! fun, food and amazing scenery!!! Sooo uhmm.. it was my 1st time riding a snowmobile and i was so nervous i thought i was gonna die. lol i was driving slower than how fast everyone wants to go. My little arms couldn’t hold that thing to go straight and the rough road doesn’t make it easy. My arms and hands got a super good workout i tell you. lol It was soooo worth it tho. I had an amazing time. If you ever visit Aspen make sure you add snowmobiling on the to-do-list. Check out their website for more info. http://www.tlazy7.com/snowmobile-tours/

Photo by: @misshattan
IMG_5109 (1)
Super friendly birds in the mountains. Our tour guide gave us a tiny piece of bread to hold out and a little gray bird comes flying towards you to take the bread. It was the coolest experience ever. lol   Photo by: @misshattan


First stop of the tour. This little hut for hot chocolate and hot apple cider.


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Our lunch stop! for Burger and chips and salsa! A super cute little cottage. ugh.. it was so pretty i could stay  there forever. 🙂 The birds keeps coming near us. You’ll see most of the footage of this trip on my vlog coming real soon!IMG_0080IMG_0077IMG_5018

After the tour we met up with friends for dinner and drinks at the bottom of the slopes where they have restaurant / bar. Everyone gathers after snowboarding or skiing. It was a super tiring but super fun day. Went back our hotel to shower and nap before any night time activities. We stayed at The Sky Hotel ( http://www.theskyhotel.com/ ). It was such a cute hotel. Outdoor pool and Jacuzzi. Beneath it is a the gym and the snowboarding gear rentals. It also 5 mins walking distance from the slopes. AND…. they take dogs!  You know.. everyone seems to LOVEEEE dogs in Aspen! Everyone has one! i love it!!!!

After napping after dinner. We didn’t wake up till 11pm and were hungry and we need water. You need to drink lots of water so we don’t get a headache. Daniel and i walked to the gas station which was only 15mins away walking. I love it. Everything was so close and Aspen is so beautiful at night. I’m inlove! And everyone is just so sweet and friendly. i mean.. i almost wanna live here. hahaha

i was super excited about this hot chocolate machine!!! lol

Day 2: 04/03/16 , Sunday
Its snowboarding day!!!! woooooooooooooooo!!!!! We went to Buttermilk Mountain cause they have a less intense slope. ha! jokes on me. I ended up all the waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy to the top TOP!!!! i thought i was never gonna make it down. i mean… i did maybe half way… on my ass… -_- i was in so much pain from falling that i took the lift down.. i swear the mountain was gonna close and i would still be not even half way down if i kept going. *shrug*


Morning cuddles with Ryder, Rocket and Foxy. Goodluck hugs for me before i die on the slopes. hahaha.

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Since MaryJane is legal in Aspen. You can just walk in and get some. lol. I don’t know what it was.. but the satisfaction of just walking in not needing your mjcard is mmmmm! lol

at last Sushi fo dinner! ❤


Day 3: 04/04/16
Leaving Aspen today. Walked to Starbucks to get breakfast and get an Aspen mug for my collection. (Last year when i visited Boston for the 1st time Daniel’s sister in law gave me a Starbucks Boston mug. I like it so much i started collecting Starbucks mugs from places i visited.)

Goodbyes in the lobby… *sobs*

One of the kindest and amazing people i know. Him and his family have the sweetest soul. i adore them. Good vibes always.
look at this cutie! ❤

So umm… since there wasn’t a direct flight from Aspen to LAX.. we took a prop plane from Aspen to Denver airport. Holy cow…. the most exciting and scariest time of my life. eeeeeekkkk! The plane was sooooooo tiny! it sits 5! Five people including the pilot. Although the view was beyond beautiful… i  was way to sick to appreciate it. i was trying my hardest not to throw up.. lmao. Motion sickness for the win! …….not. -_- I got off the plane and my knees were shaking… hahaha. i took videos. ill be including it in mu vlog.

Our superdooooper awesome pilot. 🙂 Thank you the lift to Denver.


and now Denver to LAX!

the end. lol

i have tons of clips from this trip. ill be editing them and putting them together for my vlog so watch out for it. 🙂 Also i promise to take better pictures. lol.

till next time!

lots of love,
Katrina ❤

What’s In My Bag?

IMG_3423Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! 🙂
Here’s a quick post of what i usually carry in my purse on the daily. Featuring my two favorite everyday purse.! YAY!
So… 90% of the time i carry this mini tote bag i got from Urban Outfitters. Just because it’s small and at the same time big enough to fit everything that i believe i need, having to be out for the day. Also its reversible and able to fit even more stuff if i need it to, which i love about it. If you guys are interested, im sharing link to where you can purchase it down below. 🙂

Here’s the 2nd bag i use when im just running quick errands. And the things above are usually wants in it.

– Bristol Farms
– Erewhon
– Clarks Nutrition
– Rainbow Acres
– Elements Natural Foods
– Farm Shop
– Whole Foods

Anddd that’s about it for “What’s In My Bag” post. I hope you guys liked it! 🙂 If you have any questions or request for future post(s), feel free to leave it on the comments bellow.

As most of you know my last giveaway was a bust since someone hacked my IG and all the giveaway entrees were deleted. So now as promised im redoing the give away! So here it is!

How to WIN:
Like my “What’s In My Bag” IG post ( https://www.instagram.com/p/BCGs2ITu0sH/?taken-by=kittykatrina ). And comment your top 5 things you have to have with you when you leave the house.

1 winner will be selected and be announced on March  1, 2016 Monday. 12pm PST.

*** winner will be tagged on my “What’s In My Bag” IG post and will be contacted through Instagram direct message. So make sure to check your tagged photos and DM’s!


Birthdays, Giveaway Update, Misfortune &Good News!

Hello Hello! i am BACK!!!!  Yay me!!!! 🙂 I know it’s been a while since my last post, but something horrible happened to me right after the New Year. My Instagram account was hacked. I lost access to it and all my pictures were deleted and most of my followers were being blocked for having my back.
All the Holiday Giveaway comment entrees were deleted along with the pictures in my account. So if you’re one of the people who joined my giveaway, i’m soooo sorry for the delay and for it being on hold.. I swear i wasn’t skipping out on you. lol
I made a new Instagram account two weeks ago, same username @kittykatrina and just a few days ago, my hacked account was finally taken down and most of my followers were merged to my new account thanks to J, you’re the best! Although i can’t get my old photos back, i’m glad to have almost all of you back and i’m thankful for everyone who were beyond supportive through all this online BS. lol i love you guys!
One more good news! I’m still doing the giveaway and i’m extending it till February. i’ll be making a separate post about it, so stay tuned! 🙂

On a much much much happier note… I turned 29 last week!!!! *giggles* I’m a grammakitty now, i know!!! Do i look it?? I feel 22 to be honest! Sometimes 17! hahaha. Hey! When you feel young, you look young! 🙂


As some of you saw (video from Daniel’s instagram)… Daniel, Jerry, Max & Jason surprised me at midnight with cake, balloons and confetti shots! omg i got so scared from confetti pops i thought i was being shot at. ahahha! One of them accidentally shot the huge ass Hello Kitty balloon and the pop was so strong hello kitty was destroyed. hahaha and my living room, dining room and kitchen was buried in confetti.


and I didn’t do much for my birthday, because all i wanted to do was eat! lol So my boyfriend Daniel took me to all my favorite restaurants.

1st stop: Sugarfish (My ultimate favorite sushi place)
I ordered the usual, The Nozawa Trust Me, iced green tea and SAKEEEEE! I didn’t finished taking pictures of every plate that came cause i was too busy inhaling it all. hahah (I promise to make a post of all my favorite food places soon!)

2nd stop: Melrose Avenue (Japan LA, Kawaba Rice Ball & Urban Outfitters
Daniel took me to Melrose to check out Japan LA to shop for my bday presents since he know how much i looooovvveeeeeeee kawaii things!!! *giggles* i was super excited!!!
Here are photos of the gifts i got from Daniel and Raichelle


3rd stop: Road To Seoul Korean BBQ


then after party at my apartment!!! wooooooooooooo! 🙂

A day after my birthday is my darling baby Lola’s 6th birthday!! Technically she’s 42. She’s a gramma like me. heehee We took her to get her cake and got her presents. Had Oliver and Ava over to play with and eat cake with. 🙂




….the end. 🙂

What i got for Christmas 2015 + Holiday Giveaway!!

Some of things i got for Christmas this year. 🙂

Hi everyone! i since some of you are asking what i got for Christmas this year, i decided to make it my 1st blog post. Since i love sharing with you guys my favorite things anyways. And also i wanted to give back for how supportive you guys are with everything that i’m doing. I have the sweetest followers and i hope to meet you all one day and give you all giant (all 4’11 of me) bear hugs. haha.

If you have been following me on all of my social media then you know that i LOVEEEEEEEE love love anime and super kawaii things. The only reason i want an iPad is so that i can watch my anime anywhere since i don’t think my phone screen is big enough. lol. I’m not sure when i tweeted about it but when i found out about Apple came out with an iPad mini 4 already, i went and looked it up and started looking for a case for it immediately and i started blabbering to how i want and that i’m gonna get it myself for  Christmas. But since Christmas was around the corner, none of us was allowed to buy anything for ourselves until after the 25th.

So… with that being said my boyfriend got me an iPad mini 4 and the cover and case i wanted. We did a secret santa with his friends and what are the chances??!! He got my name and he was my secret santa. lol. I love all the gifts i got but my ipad is my absolute favorite! Thank you baby!!! im in loveeee!!! i swear ill never let this go. Here’s to losing sleep cause ill be watching anime all night or playing games. hahaha. Next is the pink Dagne Dover mini tote my best friend Raichelle got me. (pictures of it will be posted as soon as i get them, she ordered it for me but they sent her the wrong color.) Daniel also got me a naked 3 eyeshadow pallet. I wont be posting a photo of it since im sure everyooooonneee knows what it looks like. lol

Polaroid Snap, Polaroid Cube, Polaroid printer and zink paper. All these are available on amazon.com

Next are my polaroid cameras and printer. Thank You Aaron for this lovely awesome gadgets!!! right in time to capture all the festivities this holidays and next month (my birthday month).

SunlitDaisy phone cases and jewelries. 🙂

If you havent noticed.. im obsess with phone cases and i change mine regularly although i have my favorites where id have it on for a week then i change it again. lol. But SunlitDaisy.com have the cutesttttttt phone cases!!! im absolutely in love. Thanks guys!

I got more stuff from Daniel’s family and i got a blow dryer from my Raichelle as well but ill be doing a separate post for the blow dryer and the brand. 🙂

Holiday Give Away!!! 🙂

This is a preview of the things you’ll be getting if you win my giveaway. i’ll adding more stuff into this box until the day i pick the winner.

How to Win:
Just LIKE my “What i got for Christmas” IG post ( https://www.instagram.com/p/_xtx6PICEr/?taken-by=kittykatrina ) and comment your idea of a perfect Christmas and tag the person you want to spend it with.

1 winner will be randomly selected and will be announced on January 4, 2106 , Monday at 8pm PST.

***winner will be tagged on my “What i got for Christmas” IG post and will be contacted through Instagram direct message. So make sure to check your tagged photos and DM’s!

Goodluck! 🙂