♡ Halloween ♡


Halloweeeennn is neaaarrrrr!!!! MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!! i mean when October 1st hit, im already decorating the apt. Like..  i don’t really always have people over but its for me!! Just for my own amusement. Also i start dressing up  within the 1st week.. it starts off from simple onesie to PG school girl outfits, to cute and sexy to full on face and body paint. I wanted to share with you guys quickly my costumes this past couple of years. I have to find more photos cause i most definitely have wayyyyy more costumes. Specially cosplaying my favorite anime characters.

All my costumes shown in the pictures above are all from Amazon.com. Below are the link to my costumes. If you have amazon prime, you can get them shipped FREE for 1 Day or 2 Day shipping. I have it and its the best thing ever. LOL.
I also included links to similar costumes from Yandy.com. They’re doing a a FREE Premium 2-3 Day shipping!!

Harley Quinn: amazon.com yandy.com1 yandy.com2 yandy.com

Sexy Kitty: Amazon.com Yandy.com Yandy.com2 yandy.com3
– i actually bought mine somewhere else. but i found the exact same one on yandy.com and a similar one on amazon.

Chun Li: Amazon.com
– i also got the stockings from amazon and her shoes are a little hard to find. But i got mine from Shiek. Also i didn’t like that the undwear was too big so i got it cut out.

Sally: Amazon.com Yandy.com Yandy.com2
– i bought face paint/make-up from a local Halloween store. If you’re from LA. There’s a huge one in Burbank and Hollywood. I also didn’t wanna wear a wig but after the end of the night i wish i did. The hair color spray eventually kept staining my hands every time i touched my hair. LOL.

Halloween Town
2921 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505

Hollywood Toys & Costumes
6600 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

I will updating this post once i get more photos. 🙂 I hope this was a little helpful for those who hasn’t found a costume yet.

Lots of love,

Spend on skincare. Save on make-up.

img_4271img_4251img_4272I know some of you has been asking me to share my skincare routine for a while now.. and i’m sorry it took me soooooooooo long to do this post. I was debating if i should vlog it or blog it. Also i was switching a lot (almost all)  of the stuff i use to Cruelty-Free products. 
Other than the occasional break-out during my monthly visitor, I’ve always had an okay/good skin. For a long time i all used was a drugstore cleanser and a no fragrance moisturizer for normal to oily skin. I never really cared much about skin care products until about (noticing my age) a couple of years ago. Now i’m literally OBSESSED!!!
*fist pumping* COLLAGEN COLLAGEN COLLAGEN!! *fist pumping* LOL!

I didn’t exactly throw away all my stuff and bought only Cruelty-Free products right away. I waited till i finished whatever it is i’m using then i purchased new stuff. I researched a lot of products and i fell in love with Josie Maran. I started using  Josie Maran Argan Exfoliating Cleansing Powder and Jose Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter . They’re both a little pricey compared to drugstore products i used to use but i really love the everything about it, from what it does to my skin down to the how and what it’s packaged in. I was also using an over night brightening mask from Belif (not cruelty-free). I use collagen, skin tightening, skin lifting, hydrating mask about every other day.

Until Peach & Lily found me and reach out to me. They offered for me to use their products in exchange for a review. I was super excited hearing from them because of my undying LOVEEEEEE for Korean skin care & make-up products!!!! i mean have you seen their skin??!!! O_o They all look like porcelain dolls. lol. Flawless! ❤
I told them ALL about my skin concerns, so that they could recommend the right products for me to use. Which you can also do (  hello@peachandlily.com ) before purchasing anything on their website. It’s a free consultation! (major plus!!!) And..! If you had any reaction from any of the products you’ve purchase, you can return it as long as it is within 30 days of purchase.

I told them that i was concern about everything that comes with aging and that i’ve been using a lot of products that has collagen and promotes skin tightening and skin brightening. I also told them that i think i have a combination skin. I’m oily around my T zone area but a little dry on the side of my nose. Also my skin looks a little red underneath. I have larger pores around my chin area which is prone to having pimple here and there, specially when i’m on my period. Of course i also told them that i was looking for cruelty-free products.

With all those concerns i told them..
They wrote me 3 pages of advice & information about each products they recommend, instruction on when, how, & how often i should use them and what each products will do for my skin. It was really super helpful. I didn’t have any question about the products because they were very detailed about it.
Since i was going to be using new products they advised me to incorporate 1-3 of the new products every few weeks. Which i took very seriously because i didn’t want to break out. They sent me the products in July and its now October. I really wanted to wait a while and use all the products for some time before i write a review.

Below are the list & links of products they’ve recommended and what i’m currently using.

img_4257I use this 2nd cleanser  in the morning and at night too. Yes! two cleanser! It’s good to double cleanse. It also smells really fresh.

img_4254I never really used toners anymore before this one. I just always remembered how the other toners i’ve used before, burns my eyes. So i never looked into buying one. But this one is very gentle. I didn’t realize how important it was to use a toner. It helps to restore your skins pH balance after cleansing. A toner also keeps the skin smooth by removing dead skin cells and help the remaining products in your routine absorb deeper into the skin.

img_4255I use 1-2 drops and i gentle tap it all over my face. Its a little sticky. i wait about a minute or so for it a dry a little before i apple my moisturizer. If it’s a night where i choose to put a mask on with Collagen. i don’t use this after toning.

img_4256Super glad that i found another moisturizer that’s cruelty free. Although i super love Josie Maran face butter, it was on a thicker / heavy side. I only put very little of it specially during the day. But with this Lagom moisturizer, 1 pump goes a long way. It feels really light on my face and the scent is very soft and refreshing.

img_4258I was super excited about this products. I’ve read sooooo many good review about and i really wanted to try it. But when i did, it didn’t work out for me. My face felt super hot and it was super red after using it. I didn’t think it was supposed to be like that. I reached out to Peach and Lily and told them my experience with the peeling gel and they said maybe it was too strong for me and that they would recommend another product.

  • Cremolab Herb Tea Pure Calming Mask

This really helped me out alot. When i used the Mizon Peeling Gel and had a reaction. This mask help my face not feel so hot and and not red anymore. I didn’t know if i was supposed to put something on my face when its irritated but i did anyways and thank goodness it worked. LOL ( there’s no link to this mask because i couldn’t find it on their webiste.)

I didn’t get to take a photo of this one cause i already used it long ago so quick when i saw it said anti-wrinkle. ayyyee!

So is this one. But i’ve provided the link , so you look it up and read about it.

img_4253This is a super fun cleanser! I saw many videos of this of people trying and it out and it really does bubble. It feels super funny and very interesting. I put this just around my nose and mouth and my chin area.

Everything worked well on my skin but one. The Mizon Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel, which i was super sad about because i’ve read such good reviews about how effective it is. BUT everyone is different, just because it worked for most people, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. And like what i said earlier, you can return products that doesn’t work for you within 30 days of purchase. 🙂
Also, i looked into the prices of each products, because i wanted to know if it would be too expensive to continue using everything that worked really well on my skin. Luckily they’re all fairly priced. It’s only my collagen that’s a little pricey but hey!!! IT’S COLLAGEN!! I NEED IT! O_O HAHA!  It will cost me more than what i used to use but i believe in “Spend on skincare, Save on make-up.” because when you have good skin, you wouldn’t need much cover up. (Totally not saying that all girls who wears a ton of make up have bad skin.. chill.)

Cruelty-Free Brands from Peach and Lily.
Be The Skin
Lady & Skin
The Lotus
May Coop

If you’re interested on these products. I’ve provided all the link to each item. All the colored words / sentences are clickable links.

I hope you guys find this post helpful. Remember that consistency is KEY! No matter how tired i’m, i make sure to make time do all my skincare routine. 🙂
I would love to hear from you!! Feel free to share with me on the comments below what products you’re currently using, specially if it’s cruelty. I’m still on a hunt for different brands of mask. Also if you have a request of what you want to see/read about next please let me know! 🙂

Lots of love,

My Make Up Brushes <3


Ever since i started to switch almost all / most of the things i own to cruelty-free products, i have been on a search for a good affordable make up brushes that are cruelty free. I found ECO-Tools and fell inlove with it immediately. I like the simple light brown handle and super soft brush and that it’s at every drug store and it very affordable. I was also looking for another set of brush that’s different color from my bamboo set, to be more specific i wanted a baby pink brush set. LOL. I was browsing through different beauty supply stores for brushes and i found a few super soft and cute pink one but i wasn’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars for them. im frugal.. HAHAH.

My bff Raichelle posted about My Brush Set so i looked them up. I found that they have a huge variety of brushes that are cruetly-free and sold in a set for super cheap. Most of their set came with a case. I got two set from thier site.  I’ve always been curious about the oval brushes so i got one. Although it looks like a spoon. ahhaa. Its actually my favorite. It’s super soffffttttt! I keep touching it and rubbing it on my face. judge me.
I like to have two sets of brushes or three.Its so that when i clean my 1st set and it didn’t dry in time i have another clean set ready to use. I don’t know about you but i wash my brushes everyday. That’s normal right? LOL I also got a brush cleaner from their website. If you have been following me for a while you know i love heart shaped everything. I use the beauty blender cleaner soap to clean my brushes. I also sometimes use baby shampoo. What do you use to for cleaning your brushes? And are your brushes cruelty-free? IF so shaaaaaarreeeeee on the comments below! 🙂

If you’re interested on the brushes here’s the link.
instagram: @mymakeupbrushset 


Lots of love,

Nail Box LA


Pokeballs and Pikachu nails.
Nails by: Rainnie

I got my nails done!!! 🙂 And its the cutest thing ever! its my 1st time getting Pokemon themed nails. I got lots of compliments on them. I went to Nail Box LA in DTLA Art District. I found them through Instagram. I saw a few blogger friends that went to them so i went on their Instagram ( @NailBoxLA ) to check out more photos of nails and their place. I found out that they recently just opened. After stalking their page for daysss, falling inlove with the pictures of nails and design of their place ive decided to reach out and make an appointment for my 1st visit.

I took an Uber going there because i wasn’t sure about parking and i forgot to ask about it. But getting there i saw that there’s plenty of parking in the plaza and its FREE! 🙂
When i got there, i met Lambert ( the person i spoke to about my appointment ) and Joanna ( His Wife ), the owners of NailBox LA. Such a cute couple and they were supperrrrr nice and very welcoming. While i was getting my nails done it was pleasing to watch them work together. So gentle and  very welcoming. Just like they did for me, when i costumer walks in for their appointment they offer them water or tea with the brightest smile.They also introduce me to Rainnie, the lady who did my nails. Since its my 1st time there i cant pick out the lady i would want so they picked for me. And im super happy with Rainnie because she was the sweetest and very patient with my pickiness. I also like how meticulous she was with the design if my nails even though Pikachu ended up looking constipated, it was fine because it was ugly cute, if that makes sense. hahaha
To me, a warm welcome is already 75% of the satisfaction when going to a place. People don’t forget how you make them feel and they definitely left a pretty good impression to me. 🙂 Super excited for my next appointment! im getting chrome nails! i will be updating this post, to post a photo of my nails. *giggles*

The place looks even prettier in person. I feel like my photos doesnt show how pretty it is.
I really like how the front part of the Nail place completely open. It gives the place plenty of natural sunlight and really good ventilation. I also really like how they have plants everywhere. The place is simple and neat. Wait till you see the pedicure bowls. *wink*
You guys can check out their website  http://www.nailboxla.com/  for more photos of the place. Also for more information about them like address and phone number and such.

anyways.. its getting late. and this is my 1st evening post.( i think ) *yawns* i hope you all enjoyed this and i hope to see some of you at the nail place! When you visit. tell them i sent ya! or let me know when you go! 🙂

okay goodnight!

Lots of love,


“If you like it. Wear it. Forget what everyone else thinks about it.”

Honestly i think its way too hot to wear black too during summer but if it looks cute on you sh!t.. why not?! lol  80% of my clothes are black and the heat never stopped me from wearing dark clothes anyways. I would be wearing a black maxi dress and holding a white umbrella walking around town. lol


Lots of love,

Sexy little things.

U Plunge Convertible Beige Bra (size: 34D )
Just In Lace Bralette ( size: Medium )
Sweet On You Black Lace Bra ( size: 36C )
Double Romance Babydoll Set ( size:Medium )

Here are my favorite pieces from Yandy.com 
I rarely buy bras cause i often find them very uncomfortable. So i have very few since i choose to wear a sports bra on the daily. lol Like i literally live in sports bra and oversize everything. I recently found out about Yandy.. i usually hate buying clothes online because i feel like they never get my size right. Specially for tops and intimates pieces. I fit in most 34D / 34DDD / Mediums and some small. If you’re unsure with the sizes Yandy has a livechat that can help you more with your choices and any question you have before purchasing. I provided on the photo caption the sizes i got  hoping you guys can have a better idea of the fit. They have so much color and styles. And theyre absolutely so comfy.

I’m currently obsessing over Just in lace bralette and Sweet on you black lace bra. Its suuuupperrr soft and comfy and the lace just gives it playful sexy look. I should’ve gotten two of each and in different colors. This kind of bras are my ideal bras for everyday. I don’t like having push up bra since my breast are already big. i just like having a good support but not tight, full coverage but doesn’t look awkward when it shows out of my tank top/shirt.

They currently have an Exclusive Summer Bra Line and each bra only starts at $15.95 !!! That’s a superrr good deal if you ask me. hahha.

anyways.. now that im reminded myself that i need to get more of the blace lace bra before they ran out of my size. I shall go now. lol *giggles*

Happy Shopping!

Lots of love,

3D Semi-Permanent Brows

Hello Loves! *blows kisses* Happy Sunday!! and as promised here is my post about my 3D brows. YAY!!!! =D

For as long as i can  remember.. the brow struggles has always… always been sooooo real for me. LOL. I was over plucking my brows when i barely had any when thin brows was in since the 90’s. It was such a drag for me to go to the beach and worry about my brow make up coming off. Or waking up next to someone im dating that hasn’t seen me without make up on. lol. Honestly i didn’t start growing out my brows till i wanna say 2-3years ago when fuller brows was starting to be in. I didn’t realize howmuch hair i really had on my brows until i grew it out.. The only thing is that no matter howmuch hair i have.. it was super thin so it didn’t look full at all and it barely visible. It was around 2008-2010 when i started thinking about eyebrows tattoo.. but i just couldn’t get myself to get them back then.. Seeing so much bad tattooed brows and green brows stopped me. I told myself there’s gotta be something better sooner or later. So i’ve waited.

This was my brows. All grown out. Full but thin. if that even make sense. lol

Finally last year i 3D brows was making its way out but the artist that ive fallen inlove with were super far! One was in London and the other was in SF.. I considered travelling to SF for the procedure.. but i just didn’t make the effort to go.. i told my self i will find someone in LA that can do a beautiful job. And after a long time of searching i found Cindy on my explore page on IG. She does brows exactly as beautiful as the artist i fell inlove with in London. I was super excited. I emailed her and i texted her for an appointment. She got back to me a few days after reaching out to her & was super happy that Daniel and i got an appointment asap despite of her busy schedule.
She asked for photos of my brows to make sure that my brows are workable (meaning no previous tattoo work done on them). After we settled the date when im going in. She sent me an invoice for a deposit to hold your appointment Date. Your deposit goes to the total price of the procedure which also include one free touch up.

This is my brows after the 1st procedure.

Cindy advised me that after the initial procedure..some hair stroked would be more faded than the other. Depending how good my skin will hold the color. Everyone’s result would be different. When it healing.. it looks really dark for about a week or so until it starts pealing. As you can see my left brows faded more than my right brows. We scheduled my touch up appointment between 4-5 weeks after the 1st procedure.

After 1st touch up.

This is the final look! Everything is filled and and the colors held pretty good. 🙂  I literally wake up like this! Aaayyyeeee! *happy dance* I get ready so quick now. It just looks likes i already filled in my brows. i just put a mascara and lip tint, pinch my cheeks really hard and taaadaaaaaaa im ready for the day. LOL. And for the times i have a full make up on. i just darken the tail to give it a bold look that matches my make up.


Here’s Daniel and i, feeling ourselves extra hard with our new brows. LOL. 
Daniel’s brows! 🙂

Yes! He got his done as well. How handsome is my boyfriend?! *giggles* *faints*

Here are some photos of Cindy’s works. You will find more photos and videos of her work on her Instagram
You can also check out her website for ALL info about her work. Like everything you need to know it well explained on her website. 🙂

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below or tweet me @xokittykatrina

See you on my next post!

Lost of love,

This is not a sponsored post. Daniel and I paid in full for our procedure.


Hello Hello! 🙂

I didn’t realize it has been about two months i think since my lost post. I have been so busy i haven’t had time to update my blog. Honestly i feel like i say that every time i post a new blog post. lol.. but like really though.. i have been lagging on this London blog post because there are so many photos and videos to look through and choose from. To be completely honest.. Korean drama’s has been taking over my free time. So instead of editing my blog.. i have been ugly crying to countless episodes for the past couple of weeks. Its bad.. i cant stop. help! *sobs*

Anyways… back to my London trip.. We were supposed to be gone for 3 weeks. So i packed 3 weeks worth of clothes. And being a girl.. i practically packed clothes that will last me maybe two months without repeating an outfit. why? i don’t know why either.. i realized it was an awful idea the moment i stepped out of the house… not being able to drag my 3 luggage’s by myself. *eyeroll*

The London Eye




Guess what????!!! Since were in London do you think i would miss going to Warner Bros The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour???! HEEEELLLLLLLL NAAAAAHHHHH!!!! *happy dance* For how much you’re about to see of Harry Potter, perhaps i should’ve just titled this post Harry Potter tour. *giggles* lolIMG_7688

We missed the train so we took the Weasley’s car.
oh you know.. chillinn.. Flying over Hogwarts


Bye muggles! Off to Hogwarts i go! 🙂

IMG_0294IMG_0295IMG_0296IMG_0298IMG_0300IMG_0302IMG_0303IMG_0304IMG_0305IMG_0306IMG_0307IMG_0308IMG_0309IMG_0311IMG_0313IMG_0312IMG_0315IMG_0348IMG_0352IMG_0343IMG_0342IMG_0367IMG_0368IMG_0370IMG_0373IMG_0378IMG_0379IMG_0380IMG_0381IMG_0382IMG_0383IMG_0384IMG_0385IMG_0395IMG_0397IMG_0398IMG_0409IMG_0446IMG_0448IMG_0449IMG_0451IMG_0456IMG_0459IMG_0462IMG_0467IMG_0523I have so much more photos but i wouldn’t them anymore because if you guys decide to visit i think i should’ve leave it for you guys to see in person. These pictures doesn’t compare to how amazing it all looks in person. Seeing the actual set, sound stages and props and everything they used in the movie.. i lost my shit. like… i was ugly crying.. you guys know how much of a Potterhead i am.. I didn’t want to leave.. If you guys are visiting London and you absolutely love Harry Potter.. You have to visit. You need to book your tickets ahead of time.. because they sell out so fast!
Here’s the link to their website. Everything that you need is here.  https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/
We got the just the ticket but we bought the paperback souvenir guide at the gift shop at the end of the tour. When you buy your ticket you have the option to choose to buy the paperback souvenir guide and the digital guide and you save a few bucks.

I just realize that i didn’t have much photos of London.. (but i do have sooooooooooo much photos and videos of the HP tour. lol) I was so jet lagged it wasnt even funny.. i was up all night and sleeping during the day. And when i do go out so sight seeing i was too amused to take photos cause im too busy gawking.. i guess thats how it should be but i wish i took more photos for you guys to see. A have a few clips im trying to edit and post on my Youtube.. but bear with me cause i dont know how to edit them yet.. *shrug*

My last day in London i went to walk up and down Oxford st. going in and out of shop looking for things to buy to take home. My favorite store has to be Top Shop. I mean.. they have a Boba and cupcake area inside the store. We don’t have that here in LA!! what’s up with that? lol

Also we ate at this place called Wasabi almost everyday just because it was so convenient and fast, cheap, and yummy!

IMG_7767This is me… beyond exhausted and definitely ready to be home…. completely regretting over.. way over packing.

These are the things that kept me alive while i was in London.
1.) Panda eyemask
2.) Flushable wipes from Costco. Because when you potty and you don’t use moist wipes.. im sooooooo judging you. lol
3.) Poopouri because it makes it seem like your shit never happened. (tmi) i swear. i never leave the house without this thing. (ssssshhhhh…)
http://www.poopourri.com/ or Bed Bath and Beyond
4.) Band aid from Hello Kitty
5.) Hand sanitizer
6.) Dramamine – any drugstore
7.) international converter . i got mine from Target.
8.) TSA approved Locks for the luggage’s im checking in.
9.) Compression bags. TOTAL space saver!! this is a must! i got mine from target as well. but if you like online shopping here’s an amazon link to one.
10.) Sleeping pills. i knew i had to get them for the time difference.

image1The things i cant live without..
1.) Nintendo 3DS XL – still currently playing Zelda TriForce Heroes and Smash cause im inlove with Bayonetta.
2.) Canon G7x
3.) Daniel Wellington watch – Use promo code KITTYKATRINA for 15% your purchase at
4.) Chanel perfume – i bought mine from Nordstrom 🙂
5.) Instax wide
6.) Shellphone iphone6
Shell Phone 3D iPhone 6/6S Case
7.) Black Heels
8.) pink poop charger – Use promo code KITTY for 20% off your purchase at
9.) Pink Headphones from https://happyplugs.com/
10.) sunglasses from http://www.shopzerouv.com/

Let me know from the comments below if you guys have any questions or a post request. I would love to hear from you guys and what you guys think or if you have tips about what you do when you travel and what you bring and such okay? okay! 🙂

till next time! 🙂

lots of love,

Harry Potter World :)

Hello hello! ✌🏻️😸✌🏻 I’m super excited to share you guys this post!! If you have been following me on social media for a while, then you know how much of a Harry Potter nerd I am. *giggeles*  Can you imagine my happiness when I found out that they’re building Hogwarts and Hogmead village in Universal City Hollywood!! Although I thought maybe they were going to build it somewhere in the backlot or somewhere by the transformes ride or something. It’s right next to Shrek. Fairly close from the entrance / exit. But……! It’s not as small as I imagine it would be. I was devasted not making it to the grand opening but I was totally unprepared and didn’t get my ticket and it sold out and the only pass that will let you in was the most expensive annual pass they have. I mean I wanna go often but not everyday.. Lol Perhaps if they had Diagon Alley like Orlando then I would maybe visit almost everyday. Ha! Anyways.. Since its our 1st time visiting HP world Daniel and I decided to dress up.. You know him being a wizard and all and me a witch. =p

So our first stop right when we got in was Three Broomsticks for late lunch. Oh man.. I was so excited I thought I was gonna pass out. I mean when I visited HP world in Orlando.. I was all chocked up.. I couldn’t get a grip of myself. Lol I felt like I wanna pop! If that even make sense hahah.  

Preview of all the food you can order while you wait i n line. After you pass this it shoildnt be long till you get to order. 🙂
My favorite food to order. Ribs with potatoes and corn! and of course my frozen butterbeer in a souvenir mug. yay me!
Couldn’t finish my butterbeer cause i keep getting brainfreeze lol it takes me a while to drink it all.
Surrounded by muggles photobombing our picture.
He insisted on …


photobombing me..
all the way.
im tall enough to ride. ayeeeee! =p
The ride in the castle is pretty cool! Definitely different than the one in Orlando! I would probably ride it over and over again if I didn’t get motion sickness. Lol   

Quickest ride of my life! Lol it ended so fast. I felt like I had to ride it multiple times to feel like it’s a full ride. Hahaha it was a pretty fun ride tho. 


I will constantly update this post everytime I take new pictures at HP world Hollywood. Since there are so many things to see. I can’t photograph them all in one visit since I’m also too busy enjoying being there. But load of photos coming soon!