♡ Halloween ♡


Halloweeeennn is neaaarrrrr!!!! MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!! i mean when October 1st hit, im already decorating the apt. Like..  i don’t really always have people over but its for me!! Just for my own amusement. Also i start dressing up  within the 1st week.. it starts off from simple onesie to PG school girl outfits, to cute and sexy to full on face and body paint. I wanted to share with you guys quickly my costumes this past couple of years. I have to find more photos cause i most definitely have wayyyyy more costumes. Specially cosplaying my favorite anime characters.

All my costumes shown in the pictures above are all from Amazon.com. Below are the link to my costumes. If you have amazon prime, you can get them shipped FREE for 1 Day or 2 Day shipping. I have it and its the best thing ever. LOL.
I also included links to similar costumes from Yandy.com. They’re doing a a FREE Premium 2-3 Day shipping!!

Harley Quinn: amazon.com yandy.com1 yandy.com2 yandy.com

Sexy Kitty: Amazon.com Yandy.com Yandy.com2 yandy.com3
– i actually bought mine somewhere else. but i found the exact same one on yandy.com and a similar one on amazon.

Chun Li: Amazon.com
– i also got the stockings from amazon and her shoes are a little hard to find. But i got mine from Shiek. Also i didn’t like that the undwear was too big so i got it cut out.

Sally: Amazon.com Yandy.com Yandy.com2
– i bought face paint/make-up from a local Halloween store. If you’re from LA. There’s a huge one in Burbank and Hollywood. I also didn’t wanna wear a wig but after the end of the night i wish i did. The hair color spray eventually kept staining my hands every time i touched my hair. LOL.

Halloween Town
2921 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505

Hollywood Toys & Costumes
6600 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

I will updating this post once i get more photos. 🙂 I hope this was a little helpful for those who hasn’t found a costume yet.

Lots of love,

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