My Make Up Brushes <3


Ever since i started to switch almost all / most of the things i own to cruelty-free products, i have been on a search for a good affordable make up brushes that are cruelty free. I found ECO-Tools and fell inlove with it immediately. I like the simple light brown handle and super soft brush and that it’s at every drug store and it very affordable. I was also looking for another set of brush that’s different color from my bamboo set, to be more specific i wanted a baby pink brush set. LOL. I was browsing through different beauty supply stores for brushes and i found a few super soft and cute pink one but i wasn’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars for them. im frugal.. HAHAH.

My bff Raichelle posted about My Brush Set so i looked them up. I found that they have a huge variety of brushes that are cruetly-free and sold in a set for super cheap. Most of their set came with a case. I got two set from thier site.  I’ve always been curious about the oval brushes so i got one. Although it looks like a spoon. ahhaa. Its actually my favorite. It’s super soffffttttt! I keep touching it and rubbing it on my face. judge me.
I like to have two sets of brushes or three.Its so that when i clean my 1st set and it didn’t dry in time i have another clean set ready to use. I don’t know about you but i wash my brushes everyday. That’s normal right? LOL I also got a brush cleaner from their website. If you have been following me for a while you know i love heart shaped everything. I use the beauty blender cleaner soap to clean my brushes. I also sometimes use baby shampoo. What do you use to for cleaning your brushes? And are your brushes cruelty-free? IF so shaaaaaarreeeeee on the comments below! 🙂

If you’re interested on the brushes here’s the link.
instagram: @mymakeupbrushset 


Lots of love,

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