Nail Box LA


Pokeballs and Pikachu nails.
Nails by: Rainnie

I got my nails done!!! 🙂 And its the cutest thing ever! its my 1st time getting Pokemon themed nails. I got lots of compliments on them. I went to Nail Box LA in DTLA Art District. I found them through Instagram. I saw a few blogger friends that went to them so i went on their Instagram ( @NailBoxLA ) to check out more photos of nails and their place. I found out that they recently just opened. After stalking their page for daysss, falling inlove with the pictures of nails and design of their place ive decided to reach out and make an appointment for my 1st visit.

I took an Uber going there because i wasn’t sure about parking and i forgot to ask about it. But getting there i saw that there’s plenty of parking in the plaza and its FREE! 🙂
When i got there, i met Lambert ( the person i spoke to about my appointment ) and Joanna ( His Wife ), the owners of NailBox LA. Such a cute couple and they were supperrrrr nice and very welcoming. While i was getting my nails done it was pleasing to watch them work together. So gentle and  very welcoming. Just like they did for me, when i costumer walks in for their appointment they offer them water or tea with the brightest smile.They also introduce me to Rainnie, the lady who did my nails. Since its my 1st time there i cant pick out the lady i would want so they picked for me. And im super happy with Rainnie because she was the sweetest and very patient with my pickiness. I also like how meticulous she was with the design if my nails even though Pikachu ended up looking constipated, it was fine because it was ugly cute, if that makes sense. hahaha
To me, a warm welcome is already 75% of the satisfaction when going to a place. People don’t forget how you make them feel and they definitely left a pretty good impression to me. 🙂 Super excited for my next appointment! im getting chrome nails! i will be updating this post, to post a photo of my nails. *giggles*

The place looks even prettier in person. I feel like my photos doesnt show how pretty it is.
I really like how the front part of the Nail place completely open. It gives the place plenty of natural sunlight and really good ventilation. I also really like how they have plants everywhere. The place is simple and neat. Wait till you see the pedicure bowls. *wink*
You guys can check out their website  for more photos of the place. Also for more information about them like address and phone number and such.

anyways.. its getting late. and this is my 1st evening post.( i think ) *yawns* i hope you all enjoyed this and i hope to see some of you at the nail place! When you visit. tell them i sent ya! or let me know when you go! 🙂

okay goodnight!

Lots of love,

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