Sexy little things.

U Plunge Convertible Beige Bra (size: 34D )
Just In Lace Bralette ( size: Medium )
Sweet On You Black Lace Bra ( size: 36C )
Double Romance Babydoll Set ( size:Medium )

Here are my favorite pieces from 
I rarely buy bras cause i often find them very uncomfortable. So i have very few since i choose to wear a sports bra on the daily. lol Like i literally live in sports bra and oversize everything. I recently found out about Yandy.. i usually hate buying clothes online because i feel like they never get my size right. Specially for tops and intimates pieces. I fit in most 34D / 34DDD / Mediums and some small. If you’re unsure with the sizes Yandy has a livechat that can help you more with your choices and any question you have before purchasing. I provided on the photo caption the sizes i got  hoping you guys can have a better idea of the fit. They have so much color and styles. And theyre absolutely so comfy.

I’m currently obsessing over Just in lace bralette and Sweet on you black lace bra. Its suuuupperrr soft and comfy and the lace just gives it playful sexy look. I should’ve gotten two of each and in different colors. This kind of bras are my ideal bras for everyday. I don’t like having push up bra since my breast are already big. i just like having a good support but not tight, full coverage but doesn’t look awkward when it shows out of my tank top/shirt.

They currently have an Exclusive Summer Bra Line and each bra only starts at $15.95 !!! That’s a superrr good deal if you ask me. hahha.

anyways.. now that im reminded myself that i need to get more of the blace lace bra before they ran out of my size. I shall go now. lol *giggles*

Happy Shopping!

Lots of love,

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