3D Semi-Permanent Brows

Hello Loves! *blows kisses* Happy Sunday!! and as promised here is my post about my 3D brows. YAY!!!! =D

For as long as i can  remember.. the brow struggles has always… always been sooooo real for me. LOL. I was over plucking my brows when i barely had any when thin brows was in since the 90’s. It was such a drag for me to go to the beach and worry about my brow make up coming off. Or waking up next to someone im dating that hasn’t seen me without make up on. lol. Honestly i didn’t start growing out my brows till i wanna say 2-3years ago when fuller brows was starting to be in. I didn’t realize howmuch hair i really had on my brows until i grew it out.. The only thing is that no matter howmuch hair i have.. it was super thin so it didn’t look full at all and it barely visible. It was around 2008-2010 when i started thinking about eyebrows tattoo.. but i just couldn’t get myself to get them back then.. Seeing so much bad tattooed brows and green brows stopped me. I told myself there’s gotta be something better sooner or later. So i’ve waited.

This was my brows. All grown out. Full but thin. if that even make sense. lol

Finally last year i 3D brows was making its way out but the artist that ive fallen inlove with were super far! One was in London and the other was in SF.. I considered travelling to SF for the procedure.. but i just didn’t make the effort to go.. i told my self i will find someone in LA that can do a beautiful job. And after a long time of searching i found Cindy on my explore page on IG. She does brows exactly as beautiful as the artist i fell inlove with in London. I was super excited. I emailed her and i texted her for an appointment. She got back to me a few days after reaching out to her & was super happy that Daniel and i got an appointment asap despite of her busy schedule.
She asked for photos of my brows to make sure that my brows are workable (meaning no previous tattoo work done on them). After we settled the date when im going in. She sent me an invoice for a deposit to hold your appointment Date. Your deposit goes to the total price of the procedure which also include one free touch up.

This is my brows after the 1st procedure.

Cindy advised me that after the initial procedure..some hair stroked would be more faded than the other. Depending how good my skin will hold the color. Everyone’s result would be different. When it healing.. it looks really dark for about a week or so until it starts pealing. As you can see my left brows faded more than my right brows. We scheduled my touch up appointment between 4-5 weeks after the 1st procedure.

After 1st touch up.

This is the final look! Everything is filled and and the colors held pretty good. 🙂  I literally wake up like this! Aaayyyeeee! *happy dance* I get ready so quick now. It just looks likes i already filled in my brows. i just put a mascara and lip tint, pinch my cheeks really hard and taaadaaaaaaa im ready for the day. LOL. And for the times i have a full make up on. i just darken the tail to give it a bold look that matches my make up.


Here’s Daniel and i, feeling ourselves extra hard with our new brows. LOL. 
Daniel’s brows! 🙂

Yes! He got his done as well. How handsome is my boyfriend?! *giggles* *faints*

Here are some photos of Cindy’s works. You will find more photos and videos of her work on her Instagram
You can also check out her website for ALL info about her work. Like everything you need to know it well explained on her website. 🙂

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below or tweet me @xokittykatrina

See you on my next post!

Lost of love,

This is not a sponsored post. Daniel and I paid in full for our procedure.

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