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I didn’t realize it has been about two months i think since my lost post. I have been so busy i haven’t had time to update my blog. Honestly i feel like i say that every time i post a new blog post. lol.. but like really though.. i have been lagging on this London blog post because there are so many photos and videos to look through and choose from. To be completely honest.. Korean drama’s has been taking over my free time. So instead of editing my blog.. i have been ugly crying to countless episodes for the past couple of weeks. Its bad.. i cant stop. help! *sobs*

Anyways… back to my London trip.. We were supposed to be gone for 3 weeks. So i packed 3 weeks worth of clothes. And being a girl.. i practically packed clothes that will last me maybe two months without repeating an outfit. why? i don’t know why either.. i realized it was an awful idea the moment i stepped out of the house… not being able to drag my 3 luggage’s by myself. *eyeroll*

The London Eye




Guess what????!!! Since were in London do you think i would miss going to Warner Bros The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour???! HEEEELLLLLLLL NAAAAAHHHHH!!!! *happy dance* For how much you’re about to see of Harry Potter, perhaps i should’ve just titled this post Harry Potter tour. *giggles* lolIMG_7688

We missed the train so we took the Weasley’s car.
oh you know.. chillinn.. Flying over Hogwarts


Bye muggles! Off to Hogwarts i go! 🙂

IMG_0294IMG_0295IMG_0296IMG_0298IMG_0300IMG_0302IMG_0303IMG_0304IMG_0305IMG_0306IMG_0307IMG_0308IMG_0309IMG_0311IMG_0313IMG_0312IMG_0315IMG_0348IMG_0352IMG_0343IMG_0342IMG_0367IMG_0368IMG_0370IMG_0373IMG_0378IMG_0379IMG_0380IMG_0381IMG_0382IMG_0383IMG_0384IMG_0385IMG_0395IMG_0397IMG_0398IMG_0409IMG_0446IMG_0448IMG_0449IMG_0451IMG_0456IMG_0459IMG_0462IMG_0467IMG_0523I have so much more photos but i wouldn’t them anymore because if you guys decide to visit i think i should’ve leave it for you guys to see in person. These pictures doesn’t compare to how amazing it all looks in person. Seeing the actual set, sound stages and props and everything they used in the movie.. i lost my shit. like… i was ugly crying.. you guys know how much of a Potterhead i am.. I didn’t want to leave.. If you guys are visiting London and you absolutely love Harry Potter.. You have to visit. You need to book your tickets ahead of time.. because they sell out so fast!
Here’s the link to their website. Everything that you need is here.
We got the just the ticket but we bought the paperback souvenir guide at the gift shop at the end of the tour. When you buy your ticket you have the option to choose to buy the paperback souvenir guide and the digital guide and you save a few bucks.

I just realize that i didn’t have much photos of London.. (but i do have sooooooooooo much photos and videos of the HP tour. lol) I was so jet lagged it wasnt even funny.. i was up all night and sleeping during the day. And when i do go out so sight seeing i was too amused to take photos cause im too busy gawking.. i guess thats how it should be but i wish i took more photos for you guys to see. A have a few clips im trying to edit and post on my Youtube.. but bear with me cause i dont know how to edit them yet.. *shrug*

My last day in London i went to walk up and down Oxford st. going in and out of shop looking for things to buy to take home. My favorite store has to be Top Shop. I mean.. they have a Boba and cupcake area inside the store. We don’t have that here in LA!! what’s up with that? lol

Also we ate at this place called Wasabi almost everyday just because it was so convenient and fast, cheap, and yummy!

IMG_7767This is me… beyond exhausted and definitely ready to be home…. completely regretting over.. way over packing.

These are the things that kept me alive while i was in London.
1.) Panda eyemask
2.) Flushable wipes from Costco. Because when you potty and you don’t use moist wipes.. im sooooooo judging you. lol
3.) Poopouri because it makes it seem like your shit never happened. (tmi) i swear. i never leave the house without this thing. (ssssshhhhh…) or Bed Bath and Beyond
4.) Band aid from Hello Kitty
5.) Hand sanitizer
6.) Dramamine – any drugstore
7.) international converter . i got mine from Target.
8.) TSA approved Locks for the luggage’s im checking in.
9.) Compression bags. TOTAL space saver!! this is a must! i got mine from target as well. but if you like online shopping here’s an amazon link to one.
10.) Sleeping pills. i knew i had to get them for the time difference.

image1The things i cant live without..
1.) Nintendo 3DS XL – still currently playing Zelda TriForce Heroes and Smash cause im inlove with Bayonetta.
2.) Canon G7x
3.) Daniel Wellington watch – Use promo code KITTYKATRINA for 15% your purchase at
4.) Chanel perfume – i bought mine from Nordstrom 🙂
5.) Instax wide
6.) Shellphone iphone6
Shell Phone 3D iPhone 6/6S Case
7.) Black Heels
8.) pink poop charger – Use promo code KITTY for 20% off your purchase at
9.) Pink Headphones from
10.) sunglasses from

Let me know from the comments below if you guys have any questions or a post request. I would love to hear from you guys and what you guys think or if you have tips about what you do when you travel and what you bring and such okay? okay! 🙂

till next time! 🙂

lots of love,

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