Harry Potter World :)

Hello hello! ✌🏻️😸✌🏻 I’m super excited to share you guys this post!! If you have been following me on social media for a while, then you know how much of a Harry Potter nerd I am. *giggeles*  Can you imagine my happiness when I found out that they’re building Hogwarts and Hogmead village in Universal City Hollywood!! Although I thought maybe they were going to build it somewhere in the backlot or somewhere by the transformes ride or something. It’s right next to Shrek. Fairly close from the entrance / exit. But……! It’s not as small as I imagine it would be. I was devasted not making it to the grand opening but I was totally unprepared and didn’t get my ticket and it sold out and the only pass that will let you in was the most expensive annual pass they have. I mean I wanna go often but not everyday.. Lol Perhaps if they had Diagon Alley like Orlando then I would maybe visit almost everyday. Ha! Anyways.. Since its our 1st time visiting HP world Daniel and I decided to dress up.. You know him being a wizard and all and me a witch. =p

So our first stop right when we got in was Three Broomsticks for late lunch. Oh man.. I was so excited I thought I was gonna pass out. I mean when I visited HP world in Orlando.. I was all chocked up.. I couldn’t get a grip of myself. Lol I felt like I wanna pop! If that even make sense hahah.  

Preview of all the food you can order while you wait i n line. After you pass this it shoildnt be long till you get to order. πŸ™‚
My favorite food to order. Ribs with potatoes and corn! and of course my frozen butterbeer in a souvenir mug. yay me!
Couldn’t finish my butterbeer cause i keep getting brainfreeze lol it takes me a while to drink it all.
Surrounded by muggles photobombing our picture.
He insisted on …


photobombing me..
all the way.
im tall enough to ride. ayeeeee! =p
The ride in the castle is pretty cool! Definitely different than the one in Orlando! I would probably ride it over and over again if I didn’t get motion sickness. Lol   

Quickest ride of my life! Lol it ended so fast. I felt like I had to ride it multiple times to feel like it’s a full ride. Hahaha it was a pretty fun ride tho. 


I will constantly update this post everytime I take new pictures at HP world Hollywood. Since there are so many things to see. I can’t photograph them all in one visit since I’m also too busy enjoying being there. But load of photos coming soon! 

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