What’s In My Bag?

IMG_3423Hello Everyone! Happy Monday! 🙂
Here’s a quick post of what i usually carry in my purse on the daily. Featuring my two favorite everyday purse.! YAY!
So… 90% of the time i carry this mini tote bag i got from Urban Outfitters. Just because it’s small and at the same time big enough to fit everything that i believe i need, having to be out for the day. Also its reversible and able to fit even more stuff if i need it to, which i love about it. If you guys are interested, im sharing link to where you can purchase it down below. 🙂

Here’s the 2nd bag i use when im just running quick errands. And the things above are usually wants in it.

– Bristol Farms
– Erewhon
– Clarks Nutrition
– Rainbow Acres
– Elements Natural Foods
– Farm Shop
– Whole Foods

Anddd that’s about it for “What’s In My Bag” post. I hope you guys liked it! 🙂 If you have any questions or request for future post(s), feel free to leave it on the comments bellow.

As most of you know my last giveaway was a bust since someone hacked my IG and all the giveaway entrees were deleted. So now as promised im redoing the give away! So here it is!

How to WIN:
Like my “What’s In My Bag” IG post ( https://www.instagram.com/p/BCGs2ITu0sH/?taken-by=kittykatrina ). And comment your top 5 things you have to have with you when you leave the house.

1 winner will be selected and be announced on March  1, 2016 Monday. 12pm PST.

*** winner will be tagged on my “What’s In My Bag” IG post and will be contacted through Instagram direct message. So make sure to check your tagged photos and DM’s!


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