Birthdays, Giveaway Update, Misfortune &Good News!

Hello Hello! i am BACK!!!!  Yay me!!!! 🙂 I know it’s been a while since my last post, but something horrible happened to me right after the New Year. My Instagram account was hacked. I lost access to it and all my pictures were deleted and most of my followers were being blocked for having my back.
All the Holiday Giveaway comment entrees were deleted along with the pictures in my account. So if you’re one of the people who joined my giveaway, i’m soooo sorry for the delay and for it being on hold.. I swear i wasn’t skipping out on you. lol
I made a new Instagram account two weeks ago, same username @kittykatrina and just a few days ago, my hacked account was finally taken down and most of my followers were merged to my new account thanks to J, you’re the best! Although i can’t get my old photos back, i’m glad to have almost all of you back and i’m thankful for everyone who were beyond supportive through all this online BS. lol i love you guys!
One more good news! I’m still doing the giveaway and i’m extending it till February. i’ll be making a separate post about it, so stay tuned! 🙂

On a much much much happier note… I turned 29 last week!!!! *giggles* I’m a grammakitty now, i know!!! Do i look it?? I feel 22 to be honest! Sometimes 17! hahaha. Hey! When you feel young, you look young! 🙂


As some of you saw (video from Daniel’s instagram)… Daniel, Jerry, Max & Jason surprised me at midnight with cake, balloons and confetti shots! omg i got so scared from confetti pops i thought i was being shot at. ahahha! One of them accidentally shot the huge ass Hello Kitty balloon and the pop was so strong hello kitty was destroyed. hahaha and my living room, dining room and kitchen was buried in confetti.


and I didn’t do much for my birthday, because all i wanted to do was eat! lol So my boyfriend Daniel took me to all my favorite restaurants.

1st stop: Sugarfish (My ultimate favorite sushi place)
I ordered the usual, The Nozawa Trust Me, iced green tea and SAKEEEEE! I didn’t finished taking pictures of every plate that came cause i was too busy inhaling it all. hahah (I promise to make a post of all my favorite food places soon!)

2nd stop: Melrose Avenue (Japan LA, Kawaba Rice Ball & Urban Outfitters
Daniel took me to Melrose to check out Japan LA to shop for my bday presents since he know how much i looooovvveeeeeeee kawaii things!!! *giggles* i was super excited!!!
Here are photos of the gifts i got from Daniel and Raichelle


3rd stop: Road To Seoul Korean BBQ


then after party at my apartment!!! wooooooooooooo! 🙂

A day after my birthday is my darling baby Lola’s 6th birthday!! Technically she’s 42. She’s a gramma like me. heehee We took her to get her cake and got her presents. Had Oliver and Ava over to play with and eat cake with. 🙂




….the end. 🙂

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