What i got for Christmas 2015 + Holiday Giveaway!!

Some of things i got for Christmas this year. 🙂

Hi everyone! i since some of you are asking what i got for Christmas this year, i decided to make it my 1st blog post. Since i love sharing with you guys my favorite things anyways. And also i wanted to give back for how supportive you guys are with everything that i’m doing. I have the sweetest followers and i hope to meet you all one day and give you all giant (all 4’11 of me) bear hugs. haha.

If you have been following me on all of my social media then you know that i LOVEEEEEEEE love love anime and super kawaii things. The only reason i want an iPad is so that i can watch my anime anywhere since i don’t think my phone screen is big enough. lol. I’m not sure when i tweeted about it but when i found out about Apple came out with an iPad mini 4 already, i went and looked it up and started looking for a case for it immediately and i started blabbering to how i want and that i’m gonna get it myself for  Christmas. But since Christmas was around the corner, none of us was allowed to buy anything for ourselves until after the 25th.

So… with that being said my boyfriend got me an iPad mini 4 and the cover and case i wanted. We did a secret santa with his friends and what are the chances??!! He got my name and he was my secret santa. lol. I love all the gifts i got but my ipad is my absolute favorite! Thank you baby!!! im in loveeee!!! i swear ill never let this go. Here’s to losing sleep cause ill be watching anime all night or playing games. hahaha. Next is the pink Dagne Dover mini tote my best friend Raichelle got me. (pictures of it will be posted as soon as i get them, she ordered it for me but they sent her the wrong color.) Daniel also got me a naked 3 eyeshadow pallet. I wont be posting a photo of it since im sure everyooooonneee knows what it looks like. lol

Polaroid Snap, Polaroid Cube, Polaroid printer and zink paper. All these are available on amazon.com

Next are my polaroid cameras and printer. Thank You Aaron for this lovely awesome gadgets!!! right in time to capture all the festivities this holidays and next month (my birthday month).

SunlitDaisy phone cases and jewelries. 🙂

If you havent noticed.. im obsess with phone cases and i change mine regularly although i have my favorites where id have it on for a week then i change it again. lol. But SunlitDaisy.com have the cutesttttttt phone cases!!! im absolutely in love. Thanks guys!

I got more stuff from Daniel’s family and i got a blow dryer from my Raichelle as well but ill be doing a separate post for the blow dryer and the brand. 🙂

Holiday Give Away!!! 🙂

This is a preview of the things you’ll be getting if you win my giveaway. i’ll adding more stuff into this box until the day i pick the winner.

How to Win:
Just LIKE my “What i got for Christmas” IG post ( https://www.instagram.com/p/_xtx6PICEr/?taken-by=kittykatrina ) and comment your idea of a perfect Christmas and tag the person you want to spend it with.

1 winner will be randomly selected and will be announced on January 4, 2106 , Monday at 8pm PST.

***winner will be tagged on my “What i got for Christmas” IG post and will be contacted through Instagram direct message. So make sure to check your tagged photos and DM’s!

Goodluck! 🙂

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